How Much Does A Dental Bridge Cost in Kingston, ON?

How Much Does A Dental Bridge Cost in Kingston, ON?

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Are you considering a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth? A bridge can be a great option to fill a gap in your smile. The price you can expect to pay may vary depending on your individual needs and the type of bridge you choose. The good news is that dental insurance often covers a portion of the cost of dental bridges, which can help lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Here’s a closer look at how much dental bridges cost in Kingston, ON, and the different factors involved.

Average Expected Costs for a Dental Bridge

The best way to know your actual cost for a dental bridge is to schedule a consultation with a dental provider who can assess your individual situation. 

Some variables that may affect the cost include:

  • The number of missing teeth: A dental bridge is typically used to replace anywhere from one to four consecutive missing teeth. The artificial teeth, called pontics, are held in place on at least one end by crowns on existing teeth or dental implants. The more missing teeth you have, the more you can expect to invest.
  • The type of bridge you choose: There are several different types of bridges, and the costs of each type can also vary. The most common type is a traditional bridge. It is held in place on either side by natural teeth, which have crowns cemented onto them to create a more secure structure.

Other options include a cantilever bridge, which is secured on only one side, and a Maryland bridge, which is supported by a metal framework cemented onto the back of existing natural teeth. Your unique situation will dictate whether or not these other options may be appropriate. Additionally, there is an implant supported bridge, which is supported on either side by permanent dental implants. While an implant-supported bridge is generally more costly upfront and requires more time and investment in the supporting implants, it can offer a very secure restoration and has the added benefit of not relying on existing teeth.

  • The health of your adjacent teeth: One key factor in determining the best choice of bridge for you is the health of your adjacent teeth. Are they strong enough to support a bridge? Will you need extra dental work to prepare your teeth for placement of a bridge? Or are dental implants a more reliable choice?  These are all factors that can affect your final costs and help ensure a bridge that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

In general, the price for a traditional bridge to replace a single tooth may currently average around $3,000 to $4,500+ before any contributions by an insurance plan.

Is a Dental Bridge Worth It?

A dental bridge is definitely worth it to fill a gap in your smile left by missing teeth.  First, a dental bridge can positively impact functions like chewing and speaking. It can also help support your overall oral health, reducing the risk of problems like shifting teeth, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and further missing teeth. Just as important, there’s the cosmetic impact: having a full, bright smile can significantly improve your appearance and self-esteem.  

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Dental bridges can offer an effective way to improve your tooth function, health, and appearance, so that you can smile more confidently again! Regardless of what tooth replacement option you choose, it’s important to fill the space left by lost teeth in order to help prevent other possible dental problems in the future. Learn more about dental bridges and how they may positively impact your quality of life at Gardiners Dental Clinic.Contact us today at +1-613-544-2224, or request an appointment.