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What Is The Best Way To Clean Dentures?

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Getting dentures does not mean you no longer have to worry about your teeth. While they can boost confidence and transform your smile, keeping dentures clean and healthy can prolong their life - and your joy. 

Risks of Not Cleaning Dentures

Having poor hygiene habits when it comes to your dentures can not only leave them looking unkempt but also lead to some potentially harmful risks, including:

  • Mouth Sores. Mouth sores can be caused when particles from food build up in the area between the denture and the gums. It can lead to irritation and even mouth ulcers. It also makes it difficult to wear your dentures until it is healed. 
  • Fungal Infections. Thrush is a common fungal infection that is due to an overabundance of the fungus known as Candida Albicans. Without proper cleaning, this can build up underneath the dentures and lead to painful, tender gums. And, again, you are advised to give your gums a break from the dentures so they can heal. 
  • Stains and Cosmetic Changes. Stains and discolorations are common on dentures that are not cleaned often. Different foods and beverages can alter the colour. It can be hard to remove this once it sets in, so it is much easier to be proactive about cleaning them. 

So, how can you properly clean dentures?

The Best Way to Clean Dentures

Now that you know all the things you’d like to avoid by developing a good oral hygiene routine with your dentures, it is important to discover the best way to clean your dentures and then implement the routine. There are two equally important steps below. For best results, don’t just do one - do both of them every night. 

Brushing. Believe it or not, you don’t just soak dentures - you have to brush them, too. All throughout your day you are subjecting them to food debris that can turn into plaque. These artificial teeth are meant to look real so they have many different grooves where food particles can stack up. It isn’t going to cause decay or cavities, but it can still impact the overall health of your mouth. 

Purchase a denture cleaning brush from your local drug store, grocery store, or discount store. Brush your denture using warm water and this brush to remove any debris. It’s a simple step you should never overlook. 

Soaking. Once you have brushed your dentures, place them in a cleaning solution. The most convenient way to do this is at night. Soak them in the solution overnight and it not only cleans and sanitizes them, but it also keeps them from drying out and becoming damaged. And, of course, it gives them that fresh, just-brushed feeling in the morning. 

When choosing the right cleaning solution, usually anything that displays the seal of the Canadian Dental Association should be a safe choice. There are many different solutions to choose from and many DIY options online. You need to make sure that what you use is safe for your dentures and won’t end up harming them. It is always a smart idea to talk to your dentist or denturist and get a recommendation based on your specific dentures. 

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